At around 6 mins 14 secs of this video, TW Jackson mentioned about using a letter as your opening move.

TW Jackson called it “The Magic 2nd Chance Letter”.

Why called The Magic 2nd Chance Letter?

Well, the “2nd Chance” has 2 meanings.

1) It is meant to give you a 2nd chance if you have already committed a lot of mistakes when you are trying to get your ex back.

2) It is meant give you a foot in the door and get yourself a 2nd chance to enter the mind and heart of your ex.

How To Use The Magic 2nd Chance Letter

You must HANDWRITE it!

Yes, that’s right. Not only does it look more sincere on your part, it will also give your letter a higher chance to be read because a handwritten letter is quite unusual nowadays.

Don’t type it, don’t use text message, don’t use emails.

When To Use The Magic 2nd Chance Letter

Best Timing: Few days after the breakup, before any acts of desperation have taken place.

Next Best Timing: Some acts of desperation have already been done. The letter is meant to remedy the situation.

When Not To Use The Magic 2nd Chance Letter

The Magic 2nd Chance Letter is not suitable for certain situations. For example, if you are just trying to rekindle an old relationship, it will simply make you look weird.

In The Magic of Making Up System, you will be able to get a more in depth explanation of why The Magic 2nd Chance Letter works and the psychological principles behind it.

A well crafted letter can make a huge difference to your relationship.

At the minimum, it can help you overcome your ex’s resistance. In the most ideal situation, you can win your ex back simply by using this letter.

Once you download The Magic of Making Up, you will also get a Sample Magic 2nd Chance Letter that you can Copy Word For Word or modify it to suit your own situation.

Watch the video below to find out more.

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