3 Tips on How to Save a Long Distance Relationship

Best Long Distance Relationship GuideBeing separated from your significant other can be a very difficult thing to deal with but by no means is it impossible. There are steps that you can take on how to save a long distance relationship that does not really require too much out of both parties. It isn’t impossible but there are certain investments you should be willing to make.

Patience, trust and understanding are key investments that you should put in if you want to maintain a long distance relationship. It is of course easier said than done but it is greatly required for the relationship to persist. Here are 3 tips on how to save a long distance relationship.

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1) Understanding

This comes early on in the process even before the distance becomes a reality between you and your significant other. You have to fully understand why you have to be apart and you have to fully accept that it is necessary. This is why it is important to sit down and talk to your partner before he or she leaves. You have to both agree that distance is necessary and then decide whether you want to maintain a long distance relationship.

Understanding is the most logical investment in long distance relationships. This is where you weigh the pros and cons of maintaining a long distance relationship and where both parties should agree on certain things. Both parties should lay down a relatively stable and realistic relationship terms, such as the frequency and the manner of communication, the possibility of visits, and the projected time apart. Even if it seems a bit negative, both parties should also agree on how both can cut ties with each other in case the relationship does not work.

2) Patience

Everyone who wants to know how to save a long distance relationship should know that a huge amount of patience is necessary. Patience should be universal and spread generously in all aspects. It is important for both parties to realize that the distance constraint means that both cannot count on the other to always be available. Although there are several ways to keep communications in this modern age, both parties should be patient in waiting for replies to correspondence. Loss of patience can lead to dissatisfaction that could eventually ruin the relationship.

3) Trust

This is the most important yet most difficult investment that is imperative in marinating long distance relationships. The distance can cause paranoia because you really have to trust that what your partner is doing is what he or she says because there is no way for you to check if otherwise. This is why it is crucial for both parties to have at least an agreement on breaking up in case the relationship doesn’t work out. Having a properly discussed breakup agreement prevents either party from being dishonest and keeping things from the other. It is important to keep in mind that trust is a perfect or zero type of investment, its either you give 100% or nothing at all.

Learning how to save a long distance relationship can be hassle free as long as the key elements discussed are kept in high supply. By keeping these things in mind, mistrust and arguments will be kept at bay and the relationship will work despite distance or time apart.

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