Relationships happen, and then relationships end, leaving one unlucky person picking up the pieces and going down a very lonely road of depression. No worries though, break ups can be a very difficult thing to go through but there are several stages of getting over a break up that when you resolve surely can get your heart all patched up and ready for something better.

Not to say that breaking up is easy but there are things that come naturally and it’s important to know what they are so you can learn how to get over the stages and with as little pain as possible. Try to surround yourself with a lot of positive things like friends and family to share the load so you wouldn’t have to carry it alone. Here are 5 stages of getting over a break up.

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Stage 1: Shock

It’s easy to find yourself in shock. Just a few days ago you were with someone significant and now all of a sudden you’re back to square one. Getting shocked is normal. Give it time and everything will set in. Do not, by all means allow yourself to do something you wouldn’t want to do just because of the shock. Take as much time to calm down. Let things fall into place and it will eventually.

Stage 2: Denial

You just can’t believe its happening. Maybe it’s just a bad dream or some cruel joke, right? It happened and all you can really do is deal with it. Although wanting to deny it is normal and you will have to go through the stage, try not to linger and try to get it out of the way as soon as possible. Denial isn’t just going to make you deny what happened, it will also deny yourself from moving on.

Stage 3: Rebound

It’s pretty normal for people to start looking for someone new immediately after the break up as a coping mechanism. It’s not wrong to look for something to fill in the hole your previous partner left but rebound relationships do not work at all and even leave more damage in its wake. If you need distraction or companionship, friends are your best bet. They can give you almost everything a rebound relationship can, minus all the hassles.

Stage 4: Depression

Probably the most difficult of all stages of getting over a break up is when depression sets in. This is when you finally realize that it’s over. You may catch yourself looking over old photos or other items you attached sentimental values to and you may even shed a few tears here and there. It is okay to feel depressed. You lost something very dear to you and that feeling of loss doesn’t go away easy. Take time to digest the situation. Do not wallow in the situation but don’t underestimate your emotions either.

Stage 5: Letting Go

The 5th and final stages of getting over a break up is learning to let go of your ex. Letting go is when you’ve finally resolved everything and you have completely recovered from the loss of your relationship. This is also the part that is most ritualistic. Some people give back everything the ex gave or discard them or just keep them stowed away somewhere. This is also the best among the stages of getting over a break up because this is when you are reminded of how much you love yourself.

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