Advice on How to Get My Ex Girlfriend Back? How to Make My ex Girlfriend Want Me Back

Looking for advice on how to get my ex girlfriend back? Well, if you have just broken up with your girlfriend but you still love her, you probably have many questions regarding whether it is still possible for you to win her back. Let’s answer a few of these questions in this article. Hopefully, they will provide you with ‘advice on how to get my ex girlfriend back‘.

But before that, you might want to ask yourself if you have hurt her in one way or another, be it before the break up or during the break up. If yes, now is the time to say you are sorry. A sincere apology is a good first step.

Let’s get on with the questions. Hopefully, you will gain something from this advice on how to get my ex girlfriend back.

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Advice on How to Get My Ex Girlfriend Back

Is it possible to get back together with my girlfriend by being showing my sensitive side?

Well, there is definitely no 100 percent guarantee but your chances of success will increase if you do the right things. Show her that you miss her and that you are sorry for what you have done.

Pay more attention to how she is reacting. If she react negatively to your actions or discard roses that you sent her, then you already know that you should be trying other tactics till you find something that she responds positively to.

For example, if cards or flowers don’t work, the reason may be because it is very easy to order a bouquet of flowers or purchase card someone else has written. Try to figure out what she really wants and what appeals to her.

Maybe you can get a blank card and write something meaningful in it? There is no need to be a poet. Just be sincere. Or if you really want to give her flowers, get her a bouquet that you personally put together. That is way more sincere.

A lot of women always complain that men are not thoughtful. Is that true in your case? So, you might be asking yourself, will I get my girlfriend back if I start to be more thoughtful?

Well, there is no guarantee but it can help. Every little positive act will stack up in your favor. This will give her more reasons to come back to you. Don’t expect miracles though. It might take some time.

If in the past, you are seldom thoughtful, and you only begin to do so recently, she will be suspicious of your behavior. So, patient is the key. Keep it up. Don’t do it because you want to gain anything from her. Do it because you really want her to be happy.

Is it possible to get back together with my girlfriend by dating other women?

Well, if a long time has passed since breaking up and you are still working to be more thoughtful, a casual date seems quite alright and may make her wish she was the one you are dating. Of course, make sure you don’t overdo it or it may backfire on you.

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advice on how to get my ex girlfriend back

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