Ex Back System Review

Product Reviewed: Ex Back System

Read this ex back system review to see if it is the right program for you.Brian Bold is the author of The Ex back System, a step by step program that helps people to cope with the emotional turmoil of breakup and how to go about and bring their loved one back in their arms. Brian Bold himself has been through an agonizing breakup, so he knows all about the feelings of pain and hopelessness.

He then resolved to try and take his girlfriend back and with the help of a friend, he began to device a plan on how to do this. It took him a week to come up with strategies and methods until he finally put his plan into action. His technique worked so effectively and now Brian Bold wants to share it with everyone, to help people mend their broken relationships.

A lot of people act desperately when trying to win back the person they love right after breaking up. These desperate acts such as constantly calling, giving flowers, trying to go to places your ex would be in are actually the wrong actions to take. That’s why Brian Bold developed the Ex Back System because he knows most people would act in a similar way, which might just aggravate the situation and people would end up not getting back together at all.

The Ex Back System has five stages, discussed in order to help you understand what you are going through and what you need to do in order to move forward and gain back the person you love.

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The first phase is the Recession Phase. This is the phase after break up and it is explained in this stage how you should properly handle the break up. You will also find a list of things that actually ruins a relationship.

The second phase is called the Reconstruction Phase. This covers a lot including your health as well as your social life. This would help you get through things like when you are missing your ex and how to deal with overwhelming feelings of loneliness, or what happens to your mutual friends.

The third phase is the Reconnection Phase. This is a very important stage as it is the first time that you will be having contact with your ex. This stage is about getting back the trust that was lost. People are given topics, even e-mails and letters to help them make a big impression when communicating with their ex for the first time since the break up. Making a good impression might make your ex think of you for the whole day.

The fourth phase is the Reconciliation Phase. Here is where things are starting to mend. At this stage, you and your ex are keeping in contact with each other, and your ex is actually okay with hanging out with you.

The fifth and last phase is the Resolution Phase. This is the end stage, where you and your ex would resolve the problem or problems that made you break up in the first place. When things are resolved here, you two could move on to being a couple again, and move on with a clean slate without carrying the guilt or blame from your previous break up.

There are three packages of the Ex back System. The first is the Silver Package which contains the 5-Step manual, the mini workbooks, colorful mind-maps, transformation journal, letter templates, and e-mail updates for 60 days. The Gold Package has two additional features which are the video course, and the audio series.

The third and the best among the three is the Platinum Package. You get everything offered in the Silver and Gold package, and you get an unlimited personal coaching and support from Brian Bold himself. You won’t find this in any of the other products, so the Platinum Package is highly recommended.

Losing someone in a break up is most definitely one of the most difficult things you have to deal with in life. But with determination and a lot of amazing tips from the Ex Back System, you can fix your relationship and make it even stronger than ever.

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