How to Train Your Man to Treat You Nicely – Men Should Watch This Video Too

While the advice in this video seems to be more relevant to women, men will also learn something useful from this video.

Here, TW Jackson is replying a letter from Karen, a customer of
The Magic of Making Up System

Here is the question:

Dear T Dub, Help!

First of all, your book is helping me immensely, not to get an ex back, but to totally rejuvenate my communication with my boyfriend, so he never does become my ex.

I am dead stuck on one thing though. You said that we train people to treat us badly and I completely get that. You also say that we should reward good behavior but not bad behavior.

So, here’s my roadblock:

How do I stop or punish, not reward that bad behavior?

Great example:

My boyfriend and I are no longer in relationship and I am in …… and he is in ……

So our relationship revolves around phone call. He has a bad habit to say I will call you tonight at a certain time and then not doing it. Or else just not calling all day and then calling at night when we can talk longer.

I love “Checking In Just To Say Hello” phone call as much if not more than the long conversation. I know he doesn’t do it because he doesn’t care. He is just a guy and doesn’t really think phone calls are guys do it but it bothers me.

I so look forward to talking to him and then he doesn’t call and I fee forgotten and neglected like something better has come up and I got push aside. Even though in my heart, I know this isn’t true, these small little things build a little seed of resentment inside of me and sometimes in the future, it causes an inevitable fight over something totally unrelated.

So I guess my question is this:

How do I punish, not reward this behavior without sounding like a nagging shrewd?

How do I tell him this is not okay with me?

I am not angry but I want to nip it in the bud before it creates resentment and leads to anger.

Please help me.

Thank you so much,

Watch the video below to find out the answer.

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