How to Get ExBoyfriend Back – Tips to Win Ex Boyfriend Back

Wondering how to get exboyfriend back? Perhaps your ex boyfriend has already moved on and you are trying to figure out how to get him back. Well, fret not. Losing him now does not necessary mean losing him forever.

Here are a few tips you can use to get him back even if he has already moved on and does not seem interested in you anymore.

7 Tips to Get ExBoyfriend Back

1) The very 1st step to get exboyfriend back is to find out how to convince him that he still desire you. Unless he has really decided not to have anything to do with you, then you might want to consider the following options below.

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2) Perhaps the most obvious thing you can do now is just to be his friend. Be a really good friend to him. Show him how much you know and understand him and that you won’t cause any stress or pressure to him when you are around. When he realized that being with you is so stressed free, he may suddenly think about wanting you back again.

3) When communicating with your ex boyfriend, be kind and sweet but occasionally, don’t hesitate to show a bit of attitude. This is because even though you want him to desire you, you also want him to feel that he cannot get you yet. Of course, playing game is not the best solution and you certainly don’t want to overdo it. But you do want to act a bit hard to get so that he will be more interested to get you.

4) While trying to play hard to get, make sure you also give signal that you are available. Sometimes, a little flirting and going out with friends may even be helpful. This is because getting him to be a bit jealous may help. But obviously, don’t over do it. Just a bit will do. You don’t want him to be mistaken that you are not available anymore and therefore decide not to woo you anymore.

5) To get exboyfriend back, never act desperately. Neediness and desperation will only cause your ex boyfriend to lose respect for you, pushing him further away. Be calm and cool and let him know that you are okay with the break up and you are okay with moving on. Remember, desperation and neediness is a great turn off. So, refrain from doing that.

6) If you ever know he is looking at you, or you have this feeling, look at him with the corner of your eye. This sideway glance will tell him that you are paying him attention but yet also tell him, “you can’t have me yet”.

7) You may also want to casually bring back some of the best memories both of you shared together. This may trigger the desire in him to get you back. Don’t bring back any bad memories. It is not going to help you get exboyfriend back.

get exboyfriend back

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