Trying to get you ex back? Well, if your ex has just split up with you, you may be busy seeking books in the marketplace to help you get back together with your ex. However, with so many books on relationship around, how are you going to make a good choice?

Well, in this article, I am going to show you how. This is important if you want to get you ex back. Chances are you are going to be surprised. Well, read on.

The very 1st thing to take note! Don’t be lured by the title before or after an author’s name. Maybe you know someone as “Dr Relationship Guru”. So, you know this guy has a p.h.d. But having this kind of title doesn’t really mean anything.

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First, he may be a “Dr”, but his doctorate degree may be in engineering rather than relationship. This is not only true for books on relationship but also very true for books about other subjects.

Also, even if someone has a doctorate degree in relationship, it is still just classroom knowledge. Whether it works in the real world is another thing altogether.

What you want to look for instead is books written by authors who have been there and done that. It doesn’t matter if they don’t have a title beside their names. What matter most is the real world experience that works.

Another important point to note! Many get ex back books will simply tell you not to contact your ex for 1 month and work on yourself during these 30 days. Well, this may be a piece of good advice, though not always, depending on your particular situation. And the thing is, they take 50 pages to tell you that. This kind of books is definitely not worth you investing in.

What you want instead is to look for a book that will give you unique information that works. Books with information that your friends can never give you, unless they are real relationship experts in their own rights.

For example, will the book tell you want women really want? And if yes, will the book tell you how to give her what she desire? Will the book teach you how you can recover from cheating? Will the book shows you specific techniques to get over your pain?

Next, you will also want to find a book that is recommended by people of various countries from all walks of life. If this is the case, most probably, this book will also work very well for you to get you ex back.

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