How to Break Up with my Girlfriend

When you are in a relationship where things are obviously unfair, you are not at peace with yourself. There are some relationships where one’s madly in-love while the other one’s getting colder and colder. Aside from the emotion, some other factors might push a guy to reach a point when he’s going to ask, “Can anybody suggest a way in how to break up with my girlfriend without hurting her much?” If you can relate to that, then read along.

Obviously, there’s no easy way to break a heart and that suggesting a breakup to your girlfriend will surely be painful. However, you can choose to do it in the gentlest way that you can. Here are the things that you have to remember.

Sticks and Stones Can Hurt your Bones but Words Can Break a Heart.

First tip on how to break up with my girlfriend is the wise choice of words. I’m not telling you to lie but remember to avoid using harsh words as much as possible. If you are in a rage, take a break before talking to her for that may even lead to verbal abuse.

Deafening Silence

No silent treatments, please! If you’re thinking on how to break up with my girlfriend in a not-so-bad way, that doesn’t mean that you’ll just keep her hanging on without any idea of what you’re thinking. Some guys tend to keep silent and just get colder as the days go by without even realizing that it was like a torture to the girlfriend.

Right Place, Right Pace

Do it face to face. Ask her out and tell her that you need to discuss things with regards to your relationship. This will make her think before coming over so that it would be easier for you to share your thoughts as soon as you meet.

Tell her about the good things about her and that you appreciate her own ways on trying to make the relationship work out. However, explain the things that troubled you. Do not forget to admit your faults, if you think there’s any. Of course, that should be after a serious self-evaluation, ok? Consult yourself very well before you decide on how to break up with my girlfriend.

Last Chance

If she seems so hurt with the idea, offer a testing periodĀ. Tell her that you’re going to give it another try and hold on, but the two of you must become more sensitive with each other and with how the relationship goes. If the case is that you’ve fallen out of love, she’ll eventually know that and will willingly let you go as soon as she’s ready.

That’s how to break up with my girlfriend in the mildest way. It may hurt seeing her in pain before your very eyes but it would be much better than making her suffer for so long if you’ll stay in the relationship when you know that it’s time to let go. Just take it slow and she’ll eventually understand you.