Breakup Get Back Together – How to Get Back Together With My Ex

How to get back together with my ex? Most probably, you have just been through a painful and devastating break up and you are now wonder how to get back together with your ex. Most certainly, you want to win your ex back as soon as possible and this is a very common feeling.

Chances are, you may now feel at least a bit depressed and you may not know what to do next. Maybe you want to pick up the phone and start calling your ex lover immediately. You may feel tempted to beg him or her to return to your side.

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s, you might want to ask yourself if these will really help in your situation. Chances are, instead of making things better, it is going to result in a worse situation and you end up pushing your ex further and further away.

So, what should I do instead? How to get back together with my ex without pushing him or her away? How to get back together with my ex if he or she is ignoring me?

Well, the things you should do are usually opposite of how you feel. For example, if you feel like calling up your ex, then it is probably best not to do it. Do you feel like staying at home, lying on your bed and moaning over your loss? Then don’t do it.

Instead, follow these step and you will find the answer to “how to get back together with my ex“.

How to Get Back Together With My Ex – First 3 Steps

1. Accept Your Breakup

Acceptance of your breakup is the first step you should take. Let your ex know you are fine and okay with it. Being to “move on”. When you start to do that, a lot of tension and stress between you and your ex are being eliminated.

This is good for both of you. Your ex will probably need more time to think about this relationship. And so do you. So, you are actually doing both of you a favor. If your ex realized that he or she still have feelings for you, they will try to get back together with you.

2. Don’t Contact Your Ex

Stop contacting your ex for the time being. As mentioned above, this is to give both you and your ex time to think through things. Again, this is probably the opposite of your feelings and is extremely counter intuitive. However, by doing so, you are actually giving a signal that you are moving on and you do fine even without your ex.

This gives your ex the time to think through the relationship and how they feel about its value. It will also give your ex the opportunity to start missing you again and start realizing how important you are in their life.

3. Have A Plan

The last step is to have a step by step plan to follow. You can’t just go around and perform trial and errors. You need to know exactly what to do in each step of the process. For example, the 1st thing you need to find out is if your ex still have feelings for you.

how to get back together with my ex

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