How to Win My Boyfriend Back – My Boyfriend Broke Up With Me

A breakup is probably one of the most painful moments in a girl’s life. Being in-love is such a blissful experience, so when the point of ending it comes, it feels like you are saying goodbye to happiness forever. It would hurt more when you already built your world around the guy and then he wants to leave you.

Would you just let him go? There are instances where a breakup is so sudden especially when it was triggered by some stupid mistakes. If you were in that situation and would like to patch things up with your guy, then read along and we’ll give you 5 answers to your how to win my boyfriend back question.

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How to Win My Boyfriend Back – 5 Tips

1. Let Him Miss You

No matter how mad your boyfriend is, time will come that you’d still be missed. The secret is leaving him alone and lonely. Here’s what, if you stop bothering him, he’ll naturally get rid of his anger and then eventually remember you. Let him have all the alone time that he needs and you will soon occupy his thoughts.

2. Brainstorm

Now what does this mean? Does this really have to be on the how to win my boyfriend back tip list? Yes, it should be. You broke up because of a reason, right? So what was the problem? Is that mainly your fault? Think of what you can do about it. Perhaps stop that green-eyed monster in me, be more thoughtful, or try to be more understanding. Be open-minded.

3. Remind Him of Your Existence

After knowing what needs to be fixed in your part, don’t make him miss you too much or else he might forget you! Send SMS, email, or call him. Just stay cool ask how he’s doing or how his pet is, and the like. Make some noise, that’s the third tip on how to win my boyfriend back.

4. Show Him Your Brightest Colors

You had a romantic connection because he liked something in you so using the same assets is definitely a good idea in how to win my boyfriend back. In the simplest way, do the art of flirting once again. If he used to tell you that he loved your hair, go to a salon, have a new do, show it off and you’ll surely grab his attention.

5. Meet Up

Finally, when you see that his eyes are on your direction once again, set a date. Since you’ve been dating before, you probably know his schedule right? Ask him to join you for coffee during his vacant hours. When you’re alone, be straightforward and tell him your thoughts. Tell him everything that you’ve realized and why you’re relationship is worth giving another try.

Whatever the outcome, you’ll always feel better that you tried. It’s better to put an end to something wonderful when you know that you’ve done everything than to go on with your life while dealing with regrets. Hope those tips on how to win my boyfriend back can be of great help to you.

how to win my boyfriend back

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