Ever found yourself thinking, “I need to know how to win my ex back“? If so, you are not alone. Breakups are not always mutual and they are not always the best move. If you are still in love with your ex boyfriend or girlfriend, you may be able to win him or her back – but you do need to know the top 3 mistakes to avoid in order to make your endeavor a more successful one.

Winning back your ex girlfriend or boyfriend can be quite tricky. There are lots and lots of room for mistakes. It is easy to screw this up if you are not careful, because there are lots of mistakes that you can easily make if you do not know better. Fortunately, the main mistakes are fairly easy to avoid once you have pinpointed them. If you are learning how to win my ex back, take note of these mistakes.

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How to Win My Ex Back – Don’t Make These 3 Mistakes

1) No Stalking

If you are asking yourself “how to win my ex back”, the first mistake you need to avoid at all costs is coming off like a stalker. When your girlfriend or boyfriend breaks up with you, you are going to be tempted to bother him or her. You may want to follow your ex around, badger him or her, and just try to be around him or her all the time. That way, of course, your ex will realize how integral you are. You will be in his or her face all of the time, proving how indispensable you are – right?

Wrong! That is going to get very scary very quickly. It is rather like you are turning into a stalker. You have got to be careful. You do not want your ex to think that you are creepy because that will kill all hope of a reconciliation. Be yourself above all else – that is what attracted your ex in the first place.

2) No Convincing

The second mistake you want to avoid is to try to convince your ex that you are the only person in the world for him or her. That is very creepy as well. You will risk looking incredibly desperate. Remember that there are lots of people out there. You do not want your ex to imprison you and you do not want to imprison your ex.

3) No Repeated Calling

Lastly, if your ex is not picking up your phone call, do not call your ex over and over again. Especially so if you have just broken up with him or her. Most probably, your ex just need some time by himself or herself and do not wish to talk to you at this moment.

This ranks right up there with mistake number two. If you spend all your time calling your ex over and over again, you can come off as desperate and even weak. Your ex may begin to think that you do not have a backbone. Behavior like this will start to have a negative effect on your self respect – and that is simply not attractive to anyone.

If you are still wondering how to win my ex back, remember this. If things are meant to be, you and your ex will get back together. But the two of you might not be compatible after all. Take some time to think, vent, and reflect. When you are sad and heartbroken, it can taint your judgment and that in turn can alter the way you behave around your ex. You might end up pushing him or her farther away. Hopefully, this answer your question of ‘how to win my ex back’.