How to Win My Girlfriend Back – Want My Friend Back

Tears over ice cream shared around a couple of friends-that’s how girls usually deal with breakups. With guys, they’re not too expressive about how they feel, which makes it a lot harder than you think.

There are times when a guy just wants her girl back badly, but doesn’t know how. Are you in that situation? Are you too shy to ask help from your friends? You’ve come to the right page! This is how to win my girlfriend back.

Step 1: Give Her Space

After a breakup, most girls prefer to have space and spend time alone. Perhaps she’d want to think about what happened and try to find her self again. Just let her. It is important that you make her feel that. Don’t pressure her at all into talking to you again during those trying times.

Aside from making her feel that you respect her decision, you’re actually giving yourself a favor because you’re also giving her time to miss you. If you have left her alone for quite some time, it would be easier to get yes as an answer if you ask for a date later on. This is a good tactic on how to win my girlfriend back.

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Step 2: Evaluation

While you were giving her a break by letting her alone, consider this as a chance for you to think things over, too. She must’ve dumped you because of a reason, right? So don’t go back and offer your love again with the same old, dirty clothes you had before! Thinking of how to win my girlfriend back, you should not miss doing self-examination.
What are the things she hated most about you? What were the issues that started most of your arguments and misunderstandings before? Is there something that you can do about them? For instance, if your girlfriend was crying over your cupidity, then make sure that you are willing to change it. Compromise is a great deal now.

Step 3: Don’t Let Her Forget You

Don’t exaggerate step number 1; your girl might be eyeing on some seem-so-gorgeous guys on the block sooner than you realize! Remember flirting 101? Give it a try one more time. Reminding her that you’re still alive is certainly one of the most important steps on how to win my girlfriend back.

What’s the use of your phone and email account if you’re not going to send a message at crucial times like this? Just remember that she must not miss you long enough to forget you.

How to Win My Girlfriend Back – The Next Step

After following those steps, you should be ready to ask her out for a date once again and offer an honest-to-goodness conversation. Here’s where step 2 comes in-time to confess your realizations. Admit your faults, and tell her your most valid reasons why your relationship deserves a second chance.

Don’t let that spark of love just continue to die before your very eyes. Just do the above steps in how to win my girlfriend back and you’ll get what you’ve been missing too hard.