How to Win Your Ex Girlfriend Back – Tips for Getting Your Ex Girlfriend Back

How to win your ex girlfriend back? So you have lost your girlfriend and you are looking for tips on how to win them back? Then my friend you have come to the right place. But first, don’t blame yourself. Even if you have done something very wrong that resulted in the break up, do not blame yourself too much. This is the ultimate beginning. Instead, make the decision to change for the better.


To learn how to win your ex girlfriend back, let’s start from the basics and work our way to things less thought about. I know flowers and candy seem tempting as most guys think this is the basic way to apologize but please leave your cliche at home and move on to reality. Most women don’t really need the extra crap that you bring them and yes guys its crap.

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How to Win Your Ex Girlfriend Back – Flowers and Chocolates Don’t Work

They may seem like they are thankful for them but the truth is when they close the door they have to then decide where to put the 1000th flower vase. Chocolate is an aphrodisiac for them so if you decide to go that route you mine as well accept that they are more inclined to date the chocolate then to take you back. This is not a good way on how to win your ex girlfriend back.

Anniversaries mans worst nightmare. Hopefully the reason she left wasn’t because you completely forgot her special day. This is a complete lack of paying attention and honesty it shouldn’t be very hard to remember one day guys come on.

If this was in fact the case then you need to prove to her that you are capable of remembering more than the date of the next football game or how many beers you had last night at the bar. This will take work but you have to find a day that really sticks out to her and do something special for her. Whatever it happens to be go all out don’t hold back for any reason.

If you happened to cheat on her the chance of her taking you back are rather slim but not completely lost. You really screwed up and need to show her how important she is in your life and that you were a moron for considering anyone but her.

This is a hard game to play because more than not women aren’t prone to be that desperate. You have to understand that half the time they can do better. It’s you that needs her not the other way around. Prove to her that you can be a capable partner and she may forgive you.

The last consideration that you could approach is to show her you are capable of having a good time and appearing available but not overly so. Don’t beg, rather play the tag game. Approach her with an offer of hanging out sometime but don’t seem overly aggressive or needy. Once the offer is in the air leave it up to her to contact you and set up a date.

Women like that you want them but they don’t want a guy who is going to beg for their attention. Play like you want her but you don’t need her. Chances are she will end up realizing that you are being playful in the process and things will go back to the way you wanted them.

Still wondering how to win your ex girlfriend back? Remember to consider all of your possible choices and make an effort this time guys. Understand why she left in the first place and learn from your mistakes gentlemen.

how to win your ex girlfriend back

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