Poems to Get Your Ex Back – Writing a Poem

Looking for poems to get your ex back? Breakups can, of course, be extremely difficult. They can be heartbreaking, in fact. If you do not want the relationship to be over, then you might use a variety of tactics to try to reconcile with your ex boyfriend or girlfriend. Perhaps, for instance, you are thinking about using poems to get your ex back. A lot of people do this. Poems come from the heart. They often say what we cannot when we are talking to someone face to face. They can be a concentrated script of the emotions we are feeling – and, more importantly, the emotions we want to convey to the other person.

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If you are looking for poems to get your ex back, there are all kinds of different poems you can use for this endeavor. To begin with, you might be tempted to try writing a poem yourself. This is an excellent idea. It is one a lot of people have but do not execute because they are afraid they cannot write a good poem. Do not let this fear stop you. For one thing, you might be a lot more talented than you think. You might even have a secret gift for writing poetry that you never even imagined.

Poems to Get Your Ex Back – It’s Not That Hard

For another thing, if you are honest about your feelings, it is not that hard to write a poem. Remember, you do not have to come across as a John Keats or a Pablo Neruda. Getting your feelings down and being honest about them can make for a beautiful piece.

You also have to realize that, contrary to popular belief, poems do not have to rhyme. In fact, most modern poems do not. Even some classic and popular poets from the past eschewed rhyming schemes. In the scheme of things, a poem can be anything. There are even prose poems which simply have a poetic format but no rhyming scheme. Not everything has to be about couplets.

If you are still concerned about your ability to write a poem, then just read the works of a variety of poets. Do check out the Romantics – John Keats, Lord Byron, Percy Shelley, et cetera. They wrote not only excellent love poems, but also poems letting their beloveds know that they wanted and/or missed them. Pablo Neruda is an excellent choice as well, as is Elizabeth Barrett Browning, among many, many others.

Of course, you do not necessarily have to write the poem yourself. You may still be nervous to do so. That is perfectly fine.

These are also excellent poets to use if you want to use a already written poems in this endeavor. Quite often, choosing the perfect poem, finding something that perfectly illustrates your feelings for your ex, is viewed as a very thoughtful act.

Then, too, sometimes simply doing an Internet search for poems to get your ex back can give you a lot of ideas. There are special anthologies and collections of poems meant just for this endeavor. Finding them is quite easy. Once you do, it is only a matter of reading through some of them to find the poem that perfectly demonstrates the way you feel. Think about copying it in your own handwriting (but including the proper credit, of course), and sending it to your ex that way.