Should I Call My Ex – Should I Call Him | Should I Call My Ex Girlfriend?

Should I call my ex? You just broke up with your partner, should you call your ex anytime soon? Surely there’s nothing wrong with checking if he or she is doing fine, right? Besides if you initiated the break up, isn’t it your responsibility to make sure that everything’s okay?

This depends on the situation really. Although it is quite a noble thing to check on someone to make sure he or she is alright, you have to be sensitive to the situation just so you are sure that you do not cause more harm than good.

Keep in mind that there are certain things your ex has to go through, and most of those things are best done without your participation. If you are asking should I call my ex, the answer is usually no.

Should I call my ex? Here are several reasons why you should think twice about getting your ex on the line:

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Should I Call My Ex – 4 Things To Take Note of

Reason # 1: Don’t Put Salt In The Wound

Breaking up hurts just like a fresh wound. Your ex just lost someone very dear to him or her and calling can just bring the attention back to the pain. It’s difficult enough trying to forget someone when that someone is out of reach. It gets a little more painful when you know that the person you’re trying to get over is right there and available. Let your ex dress her or his wound and let it heal.

Reason # 2: Don’t Give False Hope

Your ex needs to let you go before he or she can move on. Should you call your ex before he or she moves on can confuse him or her. Calling that person up can give that person something to hope for, something that chances are isn’t there. This makes things a lot more difficult to handle. It makes the break up less real and could delay the letting go process beyond healthy conditions.

Reason # 3: Calling Can Be Something You Will Regret

In some case where your ex is in denial or is still in shock from the break up, calling can lead your ex to believe that you can still be swayed. This can become dangerous because opening yourself up can lead to abuse. An ex can easily threaten to harm you or even harm him or herself. Emotions can drive people to do things they do not really want to do. Do not allow yourself to be a catalyst.

Reason # 4: Do Not Initiate Hate

Your ex may find it insulting to receive a call from you if the he or she is bitter about the whole break up. How would you feel if someone calls you up after breaking up with you especially if the tone is filled with pity and concern? It could be downright insulting and may put your ex in a position where he or she feels very pathetic. You wouldn’t want your ex to end up hating you.

You may have very genuinely altruistic reasons for wanting to call an ex. Given the proper situation, it would even be a good thing. Keep in mind though that after a break up, your ex needs to deal with a lot of personal issues that would pretty much not get resolved with you there.

Let time heal the wounds and eventually you’ll see that your ex would be the one calling you with a prospect of friendship after all is said and done. So should I call my ex after a break up? Only when things are on their proper place and time can you really call.