The Magic of Making Up Review

The Magic of Making Up Review

Rating: 4 Star Rating
Product Reviewed: The Magic of Making Up System

The Magic of Making Up is an unconventional and counter-intuitive guide that teaches people how to get their ex back or save their marriage.

It is written by T.W. Jackson, a.k.a T ‘Dub’ Jackson.

T.W. Jackson joined the US Navy since he was 17 years old.  His military life brought him to 11 countries which gives him lots of opportunities to mingle with all sorts of people and learn what makes people tick.

Although he is neither a psychologist nor a licensed professional, he is pretty good with helping people save their relationship. He became an expert in reading people’s minds and eventually became the go-to guy for relationship problems.

This later brought him to creating The Magic of Making Up System, which is the best way he thought of sharing his ideas to help people with relationship problems.

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Unlike what you will read, however, from other relationship gurus and experts, T.W. Jackson’s ways and methods are far from traditional. In fact, they are very unconventional and counter-intuitive but nonetheless worked for many couples in saving their relationships.

The Magic of Making Up is very thorough and quite extensive in its explanations and guidelines. It covered all the what-ifs and gave an answer to each one of them.

You will be guided through 4 stages of getting your ex back.

Stage 1: Understanding Why a Break Up Occurs

Stage 2: How to Overcome Breakup Depression

Stage 3: Assess Your Current Situation

Stage 4: Work on the Plan to Get Your Ex Back

Included also in this system by T.W. Jackson is his “Clean Slate Method” which is best used when you need to ask for forgiveness from your partner for the wrong you have done. As its name suggests, it is a means of wiping the slate clean and start anew with a relationship with all the problems put aside or completely forgotten and forgiven. If you have cheated on your lover, the ‘Clean Slate Method’ will help you. 

1) The Clean Slate Method

The “Clean Slate Method” will tell you that this is not a simple method and instead will require the individual to have a mind-set that is not easy to have. It is humbling but it will not only get your ex back but will also make you a better person. This method is something that has to be had by adults that do not act like one. They should be able to know when they made mistakes and be able to ask forgiveness for that.

2) Mind Magic

If you have visited the website before, you may not have notice any mention of “Mind Magic”. It is actually a listing of some of the most Advanced Psychological Tactics know to man that can win back your ex. It even includes a sample letter meant to get his/her ex back. You can simply copy the letter word for word and send it to your ex or modify it a little to make it more suitable to your current situation.

Well, this “Mind Magic” can be yours for free when you get The Magic of Making Up System. It is a bonus T.W. Jackson is giving for free to his customers but did not advertise it on the website to make it a surprise gift.

The Magic of Making Up is specifically written for people who wants to get their ex back but are not sure what to do next. If you are looking for a step by step plan to win your ex back, you can visit the website by clicking the link below.

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