Ways to Get Back at Your Ex – Hurt Your Ex?

Figuring out ways to get back at your ex? Relationships can be very fragile and easily broken if not given the chance to grow and flourish. If no effort is being put in to build the relationship, a slight storm can break it.

This is probably why a lot of break ups are happening everyday. And it is certainly painful and devastating to the parties involved. For some people, after a break up, the first thing in their mind is to get back together with their ex. For others, they just want to try ways to get back at their ex.

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If you are reading this article, you may be trying to find ways to get back at your ex. But do you think this is really your best move? Is there no alternatives? Actually, one of the best ways to get back at your ex is to place him or her in an interesting predicament.

The advantage of this method is it may help you to win your ex back. Your ex may eventually realized how important you are in their life. Therefore, the 4 methods that you are going to discover are not only great for getting back at your ex, but also fantastic for getting your ex back too!

Ways to Get Back At Your Ex – 4 Methods

1. Don’t be needy. No one likes that and you will only push your ex further away by doing that. Don’t beg. Don’t cling. Don’t act desperate. Instead, you want your ex to think that have already moved on is doing okay even without him or her in your life. The point here is to be strong.

2. Minimize the communication. Yes, seems counter intuitive isn’t it? Well, this is actually a very critical step in getting back at your ex as well as getting your ex back. The objective here is to give your ex the chance to start missing you again. Ultimately, if you keep on contacting your ex, how do you expect him or her to miss you?

3. Flexibility is the key. Don’t set deadline for your ex to pick up their stuff. Don’t force your ex to move out. Instead, be flexible. Be a sympathetic listener when necessary. They will be surprised as well as impressed when they see this side of you. In fact, your ex may start to communicate more with you, which may be a missing element before your breakup.

4. Go socialize! Don’t be a loner. Ask your friends to accompany you. Go out and make new friends. I am not saying that you should go out and have a date or to have a new boyfriend or girlfriend. But you do need to go out and enjoy yourself. This will help to heal your emotions and when your ex sees you as someone who is so strong, they might think of getting back together with you again.

These are the 4 ways to get back at your ex.

ways to get back at your ex

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