Do Men Leave Women – Why Men Leave Women

Couple breakup seems to be getting more and more common nowadays. And because you are reading this, you might be one of those people who had a breakup and is searching for the reasons why men leave women.

The best thing to do is to be rational. If you desire to get your ex back fast, you must understand the reasons why men leave women. This is first step towards having your happy ending.

Men and women have their own reasons for breakup. But, as a woman trying to understand the situation on your own, you may find it confusing and frustrating, as it is often hard to understand men.

Men have a knack for saying one thing and mean another. Most of the time, there is more to the story than what has been said. Men just don’t give you the whole picture. Agreeably, men can be rude as dogs, but sometimes they are just trying to avoid hurting your feelings.

After everything, it still boils down to the same question, “Why do men leave women?” Let us examine the possible reasons behind.

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5 Possible Reasons Why Men Leave Women

1. Men Leave Women When They No Longer Feel Wanted

When you and your man first got together, you probably did a great job of letting your man know that he was admired and appreciated. Guys feel good when they know they are wanted. It’s all about ego. When he no longer feels wanted, needed or admired, a man will often lay off a relationship.

2. Men Leave Women When Nagging Is the Norm

Nagging is probably the number one relationship killer. As mentioned above, men want to be admired. Men want the women they love to treat them like a hero. And do you think a woman will nag at her hero? As far as a man is concerned, when the woman he loves keeps on nagging at him, he will no longer feel like a hero. Nagging your man can push him over the limits and make him go away.

3. Men Leave Women When They Feel That They Are Being Used

If a man thinks that the woman is taking advantage of his good nature, strong work ethic or ability to give nice things, it can be a sure relationship terminator. It is unfair in their part if he feels that you are pursuing him for what he is worth. What is the bottom line here why men leave women? Men want to be respected for who they are.

4. Men Leave Women When They Fear Commitment

Some men just don’t want to settle down too soon. If you want to get married but he doesn’t and you keep on harping on it, it will just drive him away faster than you can keep him.

5. Men Leave Women When They Have Other Commitment

Some men place other commitment before a relationship and may eventually see relationship as a hindrance. This is especially true for young and ambitious men. They may want to establish themselves in their career before they will even consider going into a serious relationship and getting married.

These are basically the 5 reasons why men leave women. So now you might have realized the answer to the question as you have a better understanding why men leave women.

why men leave women

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