Woman Leaves Man? Why Women Leave Men?

Women have their own reasons why they decided to end the relationship. This might be of less importance to a guy’s viewpoint. But come to think of it, those reasons why women leave men are the cause of a lot of divorce or breakups. Men may find it vague if they try to think about the reasons on their own. But for women, it is clear cut and is of much importance.

To all broken-hearted and confused men left in distress by their girl, here are some reasons why women leave men. Hopefully it can shed some light on why your woman may have left you.

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5 Possible Reasons Why Women Leave Men

1. Women Leave Men Because of Never-Ending Fights

Do you see everything your woman does wrong? Do you think anything she says is not right? Do you argue with her just about anything under the sun? No woman wants to battle her way through life all of the days with her life with you. If you are not fighting with her, do you go out and fight with your neighbors? Your woman may have more than enough of this and she decides to have a more peaceful life. This can be the reason why women leave men.

2. Women Leave Men Because of Flirting

Men are flirt by nature. To some men, this might not mean anything at all. But you cannot just trust every guy. There is a probability that there could be some affair. Women seek stability in their lives. Is she on a tight budget and just find out that you spent a hundred dollars worth of perfume for the girl next door? She might decide it’s time to leave.

3. Women Leave Men Because They Are Not A Good Partner and Father

Can you hold a stable job for a length of time? Are you verbally abusive, or even worse than that? Are you so jealous that your woman cannot even wear a pretty dress to boost her morale without being slapped and accused of trying to attract other men?

Can you keep money in the bank? Do you have to blow your whole paycheck every week just for your selfish wants? How are you with other people? Can you get along with others? Can you get along with her relatives, and do you even try? Are you responsible enough? Can she take your word or are you a perpetual liar? If you are, what would make you think that your woman would keep you?

4. Women Leave Men Because There Is A Communication Breakdown

Are you even approachable? Are you capable of holding a wholesome talk with your woman? Women often complain about this. He never talks to me! She may say. I am sick of looking at a newspaper in front of his face every breakfast and if I make a comment, the most he does is grunt at me. Put yourself at her shoes, what do you think you may feel?

5. Women Leave Men Because of Destructive Habits

Drinking and gambling are breakup duos. Are you drunk more often than not? Do you drink too much and embarrass her wherever you go? Is all you think of where you are going to get your next drink? Why women leave men because of this? Just think of the things that may happen with someone who is out of his senses every time.

So there you go, the reasons why women leave men. In order to win your woman back, you may need to make some minor, if not major adjustments.

why women leave men

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