How to Win Back an Ex Girlfriend?

Trying to win back an ex girlfriend? How to get your ex girlfriend back. Well, if you want to win back an ex girlfriend, it will be very helpful if you learn how to look at evolution. Ultimately, you want to have the best relationship advice for yourself.

Stop listening to what women themselves say. A better tactic is to actually observe how women behave. This is a much better way to know what women really want.

So, you have this question. How to tell what women want? Well, it is actually very simple, you know? Just observe what kind of men they go after.

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Women say they want a man who listens to them. Guess what? In the end, they choose the man who dominates the conversation. Women say they want someone who can make them laugh. In the end, she chose the rich guy.

By understanding women, it can really help you to win back an ex girlfriend. Now the question comes. Why is it that women say they want one thing but end up choosing another?

Win Back An Ex Girlfriend – The Subconcious

Well, the answer lies in the subconscious. Women have subconscious motivations for choosing men. Read on to learn more.

Historically, the biological reason for men and women to come together is to reproduce. Although getting pregnant may be the last thing on a woman’s conscious mind, when she pick a man, she still evaluate him on a subconscious level. Ultimately, she wants a good father for her kids.

So, let me ask you. Is a good father someone who listens to her? Nope! It is someone who will provide for her kids. The person most capable of doing so will most likely be chosen.

It is important that women find men who are good providers. Why? Look at it this way. A man can keep on producing sperm, even when they are into their 80s. Whereas women do not have such a luxury. Therefore, they want to look for a man who are stable and can provide for the children for a long time.

Given a choice, with all things being equal, a man who is a lawyer will have a much better chance than a man who is a paralegal. The reason is a lawyer is perceived to be a much better provider for the children than a paralegal.

But being a high income earner alone is not sufficient. A woman need to perceive that this man is generous enough and is willing to provide for the children. That is the reason why women usually place a high value on gifts like diamond.

Of course, while knowing a bit about evolution may help you to win back an ex girlfriend, it is not really enough though. You really need a step by step plan in order to increase your chance to win back an ex girlfriend.

win back an ex girlfriend

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