How to Win Boyfriend Back?

This is a topic and I am going to discuss today. You know what, a lot of people get this totally wrong. They think they need to be aggressive in their approach when trying to win boyfriend back.

Well, nothing could be further from the truth. If you want to learn how to win boyfriend back, read on.

Win Boyfriend Back – Things You Must Not Do

The very first thing you need to know. Don’t try to chase your ex. Do not go ahead and send one hundred text messages at one go to your ex. Even ten is too much. Do not try to call your ex in the middle of the night. Do not try to stalk your boyfriend. These are surefire ways not to win boyfriend back.

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Why shouldn’t you do all those things if you want to win boyfriend back? Well, this is because you do not want to appear desperate in front of your boyfriend. Just like you will not appreciate a desperate boyfriend, your boyfriend will also not appreciate a desperate girlfriend.

When you commit too many of these act of desperation, it can be a very big turn off. Instead of drawing him nearer to you, as you had wished, the complete opposite will happen and you will most likely end up pushing him further and further away.

Get Your Boy Back – Get Boyfriend Back Opening Move

So, what should I do, you may ask. Well, instead of constantly pursuing him, let him pursue you instead. This is a much better way to win boyfriend back into your arms.

For example, let say you happen to meet your boyfriend at a party or social gathering. The important thing here is not to ignore your boyfriend. This is not recommended. If fact, you will want to acknowledge him.

But do not be over eager too. That defeats the purpose. Just go up and say hello and have a brief casual conversation. But do not try to stick to him. Just say hello and tell him that you need to go back to your friends.

He may be expecting you to stick to him and if you did not do so, he will wonder why. In fact, by playing a bit hard to get, it will make him want you instead and make him chase after you. This way, it will be much easier for you to get your boyfriend back instead of the other way round.

Also, you want to work on yourself. If you have been feeling quite bitter after the break up and even feel depressed, you need to deal with these negative emotions. Being depressed is not going to help you get ex boyfriend back.

win boyfriend back

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