Tips for Winning Ex Back

Winning ex back? So your ex has just broken up with you and now he or she is dating someone else already. So, how to get him/her back, you may ask.

Well, fret not. Most likely, your ex is just involved in a rebound relationship. When it comes to winning ex back when he/she is in a rebound, it is possible. So, what exactly is a rebound relationship?

Well, it is one that he/she is dating another person in other to get over you. This kind of relationship allows people to escape from dealing with their own emotional turmoil of breaking up.

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So, that will be the key to winning ex back. You know what, he/she is in a rebound relationship to deal with losing you.

How she loses you, it doesn’t matter. Whether it is your fault or hers, it doesn’t matter too. Also, it doesn’t matter who is the one who initiated the break up. What is more important is that both of you still love each other.

That’s because when both of you still love each other, the chances of winning ex back will be so much higher.

When your ex is in a rebound, he/she will be focusing on what went wrong in the relationship. For example, if you are a “nice guy”, she may decide to hang out with a “not so nice guy”.

Why is that so? Well, don’t worry. This may actually be good for you instead when it comes to winning ex back. This simply means that she is still thinking about you when she is dating the new guy. It will also make her realized what she is really looking for.

If your ex is dating someone so radically different from you, it just implies that she miss something in your relationship. So, you can make use of this time whereby she is dating someone to upgrade and improve yourself.

Winning Ex Back – Rebound Relationship?

Usually, rebound relationship is not known to last for long. So, you might want to allow the rebound to run its own course. Chances are, the more time she spends with her new date, the more she starts to see the flaws in him. Eventually, she will realize that you are still the better catch.

Whatever happens, remember one thing though. Desperation and neediness is not going to help you in any way. In fact, there are most likely going to make things worse for you. So, as much as you want to win your ex back, don’t perform any acts of desperation to avoid driving your boyfriend or girlfriend further and further away.

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